Saturday, 23 November 2013

Dynamo Cup and WMFC: First Class elimination are merged

I like WMFC, because I think it is a real step forward for HMB in the world and it has great potential both for the sport development and for popularization of our favourite striking sport.

All fighers in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus know about Dynamo Cup. One of the most exciting and most expected "5 vs 5" tournaments in Russia, also visited often by teams from nearby countries. You can see the best Russian teams who will fight later at the final elimination for the "Battle of the Nations", and you can already see if they progressed and invented something new in tactics. It is the place where you can study the latest trends in "5 vs 5".

This year WMFC: First Class and Dynamo Cup were merged into one event, so on the 7th and 8th of December in "Excalibur" Sport facility in Moscow you will see "5 vs 5" tournament with best Russian teams (and a team from Ukraine is planning to come) and WMFC: First Class elimination pro fights. It will be a great combination.

Link to the official group

I am waiting this event with excitement, let's remember how it was last year at the Dynamo Cup and how it was previously at the WMFC: First Class.
Video from WMFC YouTube channel about WMFC: First Class tournament and video from fighter of Sharukhan club Igor Parfentiev about previous year Dynamo Cup (GoPro edittion).